Dr Ankita Singh

Scholarship for Future Doctors of America

The Dr. Ankita Singh Scholarship provides funding to students that are currently in the process of becoming a medical doctor.  Any student that is currently enrolled in a university to study medicine is eligible to apply, along with high school students who plan to study medicine when they enter into a university.  The winner will receive $1,000 and will be chosen based on our essay contest.  Good luck to all the students!

Who is it for?

Dr. Ankita Singh created her scholarship to help a deserving student who is on the long journey to become a medical doctors. The road to become a doctor is rewarding, but the financial struggles and pressures facing students can be immense. Dr. Singh realizes this, and would like to give back to one of our future star doctors. She hopes the scholarship fund will also create awareness for the financial needs of students to open up more opportunities for those in need.


Dr Ankita Singh

dr ankita singh

Medical Doctor

Dr. Singh is a practicing physician who has a specialty with internal medicine.  She is currently working as a hospitalist, and is dual board certified in both family medicine and obesity medicine.


Learn About The Dr. Ankita Singh Scholarship

Ankita will be rewarding a deserving student with scholarship funding based on the winner of our essay contest.  She understands first hand the long road to become a physician.  She started her journey in India, through residency until her current position as a hospitalist. If you think that you are one of the next stars in medicine, you can click the link to apply in order to find out all the details about how you can apply.

Earn Money For Your Education

The road to become a physician is a long and arduous journey, and can also leave students with a huge financial burden when they begin their careers.  With the rising cost of education, many doctors will have crippling debt for student loans.  Dr. Ankita Singh realizes this, and would like to give back a little bit to the next generation of medical doctors.  She hopes too that through her scholarship fund, she will generate more awareness to the financial issues faced by medical students and help to open up more opportunities for students.


Learn More About The Scholarship

If you would like to learn more about the Dr. Ankita Singh Scholarship, feel free to reach out through the form on the Contact Page, and someone will get back to you to answer your inquiry.  Any schools and universities that would like to get involved with the scholarship fund, get in touch and see how you can help.  Good luck to all of the applicants with our essay contest, and in your future in medicine!


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